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For a long time my husband has wanted me to start blogging about all the educational ideas roaming my head.  My husband is not an educator, and I am sure he is quite ready for me to take all the school talk elsewhere. So this blog is, first and foremost, relief for him.  Secondly, it is a learning log, a place for me to roam around in my thoughts, and if others jump in I am happy to listen. Finally, it is a place to consider the possibilities of how to build a small revolution, a revolution that will finally bring learning and classrooms into the 21st century and away from the factory model of the 20th century.

Now, I cannot possibly use the word revolution so lightly without explaining myself.  I think education is ready for a revolution, but  I am not a proponent, like some close friends, of allowing the system to collapse and then starting over.  That is not my thinking. Nor do I think the government is the answer; I do not hope for some golden standard to be issued from on high and passed down to all. Instead, I support the rumbly kind of revolution, where teachers, parents, students, and school leaders bubble up to challenge the most protected elements of status quo, where people “on the ground” create quiet but fundamental changes, where those in the day-to-day experience of education adjust little things, easy things, things that connect to all the other things, and all those bubbling, quiet, fundamental changes lead to a whole new landscape, seemingly over night. Yes, that is the kind of revolution that currently interests me.

Of course, I did call this a learning log.  My mind could be changed.  Isn’t that the definition of learning?


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